• สแกนเนอร์ไร้สาย ระยะ 300 M 
  • ประเภท Single Line 1D 
  • น้ำหนักเบา จับกระชับมือ 
  • ทนทาน ราคาถูก
  1.  Large Storage; maximum storage reaches 100000 codes; memory 4M can be extended to 8M.
  2. Scan storage and total scans counting.
  3. Long communication distance; 150-300m indoor and 300-500m outdoor.
  4. Supporting network construction; 1 base to 254 readers or 15 bases to 1 reader; ID display.
  5. Repeated code detection; no messy-code programmed.
  6. Free of charging trouble; battery lasts 6-10 hours after full charged; base functions as receiver and charger.
  7. Long lifespan battery; demountable and replaceable.


Light Source

650nm laser (safety visible light)

Operating Channel


Communication Distance

200-300 meters indoor or 300-500meters outdoor

Supported Symbologies

 All 1D codes


≥ 3 mil (0.076mm)

Depth of Scan Field

10-800 mm


RS232, PS2 Keyboard, USB


Manual/ Automatic

Decode Speed

200 times/second

Decode Error Rate

Less than 1/ 8 million

Print Contrast Signal


Scan Angel

Yaw(Skew) 45°  Pitch 60°


Full quakeproof, waterproof, dustproof, antiknock-design and EMI Shielding


One year total free and one year additional free workmanship